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Accessing the Web from a Minitel

Acccessing Minitel services from the Web

Information on the French Minitel

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Thierry Roch, Francais a l'etranger (pas tres loin : Maastricht) suggere de rajouter (car ces informations sont utiles) les numeros d'acces suivant :

About Minitel services

The amount of information now available on the Internet from french governmental and official sources may seem relatively low.

The reason is that Internet has been till now considered not totally secure. French authorities have preferred to develop since early '80s their own Minitel system, based on the V23 protocol.

There are now more than 6 000 000 minitels in the country, and a lot of PC's can emulate the V23 protocol. A wide range of services was developped and made widely accessible to the users. Even foreign countries may access that system through telephone lines, and one may visit it around the world... in the french embassies.

Software companies have developed very efficient algorithms to handle large databases. Some of them are especially worth of use :

There are now a lot of treasures lying in the Minitel system. People are imagining ways for translating it to the Internet system. The major problem could arise from the fact that service providers use to charge for the access to their databases, and they don't know how to deal with the Internet.

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