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Some French products, brands, services, companies


CARS:                      Citroen               Citroen (Automobiles)

                           Peugeot               Peugeot (Automobiles), Paris

                           Renault               Renault Automation

TYRES:                     Michelin              Michelin (Manufacture Francaise
                                                 de Pneumatiques),

AVIATION:                  Eurocopter            Eurocopter France, Marignana

                           Socata                Eurocopter France, Marignana


BRANDY:                    Chateau Remy          Remy S.A. Valenciennes

CHAMPAGNE:                 Bollinger             Bollinger (Champagne), Ay

                           Charles Heidsieck     Heidsieck (Champagne P.&C.)

                           Dom Perignon

                           Domaine Chandon

                           Laurent-Perrier       Laurent-Perrier, Tours Sur Marne

                           Moet                  Moet et Chandon (Champagne Vve)
                                                 Tours Sur Marne


                           Pol Roger             Pol Roger, Epernay

                           Veuve Clicquot        Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Reims

COGNAC:                    Courvoisier           Courvoisier S.A., Jarnac


                           Chatelle Napoleon     Napoleon (Le Grand Champagne),

                           Remy                  Remy S.A. Valenciennes

LIQUEURS:                  Benadictine

                           Cointreau             Cointreau S.A., Paris

                           Grand Marnier

                           Pernod                Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

WATER:                     Evian, Perrier, Vittel, Volvic

WINES:                     All imported French wines

                           Cape Mentelle          Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Reims

                           Carrington             Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

                           Coolabah               Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

                           Morris                 Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

                           Craigmoor              Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

                           Jacobs Creek           Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

                           Orlando                Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris

                           Wyndham Estate         Pernod Ricard (Groupe), Paris


                           Chanel                 Chanel S.A. Saint-Priest

                           Christian Dior         Christian Dior, Paris

                           Damart thermal underwear Damart S.A., Roubaix

                           Ella Bache

                           Helena Rubenstein       L'Oreal, Clichy

                           Lacoste                 lacoste S.A., Excideuil

                           Lancome                 L'Oreal, Clichy

                           Pierre Cardin

                           Yves Saint Laurent      Yves Saint Laurent Parfums
                                                   Neuilly Sur Seine
                                                   Neuilly Sur Seine

LUGGAGE:                   Louis Vuitton           Louis Vuitton, Paris
la Defence

PHARMACEUTICALS:           Aspro Clear             Product made in France

                           Rennies                 Product made in France

                           Rhone Poulenc           Rhone Poulenc, Courbevoie

RAZORS:                    Bic                     Bic

SUNCARE:                   Ambre Solaire

BAKERIES:                  Delifrance              J.L. Vilgrain Groupe

CHEESES:                   Lactos, Cradle Valley   Bongrain Gerard (Fromageries),

                     All French imported cheeses such as Baby Bel, La
Vache Qui

Rit,AGE:                   Louis Vuitton           Louis Vuitton, Paris
la Defenc
                     Picon, Port Salut

MUSTARD:                   Maille

SAUCES:                    Ayam                     Clouet S.A. Chateaudun

AIR CONDITIONING:    Command Environment & Energy   Lyonnaise des Eaux (Dumez), Pecq
                        Rhone Poulenc               Rhone Poulenc, Courbevoire

AIR LINES:                 Air France               Air France, Paris

BANKING:                Banque Nationale de Paris   BNP, Paris

                        Bank Francaise Du Commerce  Banque Francaise, Paris

                        Societe Generale            Societe Generale, Paris

                        Indosuez                    Bank Indosuez, Paris

                        Paribus                     Banque Paribus, Paris

CATERING:           Gardner Merchant (caterers      Sodexho, Montigny le
                    for the Sydney Opera House)     Bretonneux

CONSTRUCTION:           BOS                         Bounygues

HOTELS/RESORTS:         Club Med                    Club Mediterane, paris

                        Novotel                     Accor S.A. Paris (in the
                                                    Pacific area Accor S.A. is the largest shareholder

INSURANCE:             Union des Assurances         Union des Assurance Federales, Paris
                       Bank Francaise Du Commerce  Banque Francaise, Paris

LIFE ASSURANCE:        National Mutual Life         *may soon be 51%
owned by AXA

PEST CONTROL:          W. A. Flick                  Eurogestion, Massey

TELECOMMUNICATIONS:    Alcatel Phones               Alcatel Mobile
                                                    Saint Avertin

WASTE COLLECTION:      Collex                       Compagnie Generale
des Eaux

                       Rhone Poulenc                Rhone Poulenc,

AND SOFTWARE:          Ingenico                     Ingenico, Puteaux

COMPRESSED GASES:      L'Air Liquide                L'Air Liquide, Paris

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT:  Legrand                      legrand S.A., Paumes les Dames

PEST CONTROL:          W. A. Flick                  Eurogestion, Massey

ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT: Le Carbone Lorraine          Carbone Lorraine,

ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT: Le Carbone Lorraine          Carbone Lorraine,

FLEXIBLE CONNECTIONS:  AquaKnect                    Euroflex S.A.,
Longeau Percey

PETCARE/VETERINARY:    Rhone Paulenc                Rhone Poulenc,

                       Virbac & Vetcare             Virbac S.A., Carros

PRINTING INKS:         Coates Bros                  Total Oil

STATIONERY:            Bic Pens                     Bic

WOOL SCOURING:         Chargeurs                    Chargeurs

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