Flood light design:


For apron illumination the floodlights shall be of two chambers suitable for two 400 W high-pressure sodium T lamps E-40 Base, made from pressure die casting aluminum. The light fixture shall have built in ignition units,(Instant restrike) with replaceable reflectors but without ballast resistors., the fixture shall be provided with a water tight screw fitting on each side for the cable entry. Fixtures have sufficient horizontal and vertical adjustments. All parts subject to maintenance and operation such as ignition units, limit switches, terminals etc., must be accessible from the front of floodlights. Light has provision of fed with two separate cables, one for normal power and one for emergency power connection. In case of emergency power connection, light shall have instant re-ignition.


Lighting & Hardware Standards:


The light shall comply with all relevant current IEC and BS standards or Euronorms, ICAO Anex-14, VDE 0228.


Control gear:


The light fixture shall have built in High Voltage heterodyne igniters with a ignition voltage of 3-4.5 kV unit, ballast, capacitors, terminals, limit switches for switching off the circuit when the lamp cover is opened. The lamp holder shall be equipped with safety spring, including relief holders, from the front part of the lamp. 50 HZ


Lamp compartment:


The flood light fixture shall have replaceable lamp cover with heat resisting seals with tempered glass. The fixture shall be divided into two individual compartments for each lamp and shall be with heat resisting wiring devices.


QUAITITY: For 2 x 400 W HPS lamps Flood light = 248 NO


Please quote the prices for built in control gear and sprat control gear separately.







Protection Class: Class II, VDE 0710, IP 55 or above.


Body: The housing shall be of weather resistance gray cloured aluminum alloy sheet, deep drawn, resistance to industrial and corrosive atmosphere. The housing shall be weather resistance finish, gray stove enameled, post insert shall be manufactured of cast aluminum.


Insert System: Fixture shall be equipped with a post top or bracket-mounting insert



Control gear: lantern shall be equipped with a built in terminal block, ballast, igniter, capacitors and power switch unit etc.


Optical compartment: The lantern shall be shielded in such a way that glare is limited for car drivers. Prismatic bowel only shall be used. The bowls shall be manufactured from impact proof heat resistance polycarbonate and shall be hingeable and detachable.. At both side of the bowl bent lever locks shall be provided to allow opening and hinging with out tool in both direction. Maintenance free heat and aging resistant gaskets shall be provided to avoid the penetration of dust and moisture in the lamp compartment.


Photo electric cell unit: The road lighting should be controlled by means of photoelectric cell



Supply Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz




1. Light fixture for 400 W HPS Lamp 132 No

2. Light Fixture for 250 W HPS Lamp 99 No







The illumination of the lawn and park area shall be carried out to accentuate aesthetic features by means of special illumination.


Design of Fixture: Park lantern shall be specially designed to create the envierement of lawn and park areas and shall be Tetrahedron design. The lights shall be installed on light poles with a construction height of one meter and three meter and shall be designed of protection at least IP 44.


Light housing: The light housing shall be of aluminum sheet, corrosion resistant to industrial and salty atmosphere. Weather resistant stove enamel finish, interior white, exterior black The light aperture shall be of impact proof polycarbonate white plates with sealing against the housing.


Light Poles: For lawn and parking area light pole shall be stainless steel with a contraction height of 1Meter and 3 Meter. Its design to carry at least three park tetrahedron lantern with suitable adapters. The pole shall be of at lest 50 mm diameter, 120 degree split and welded on a anchor plate.




1. Tetrahedron Fixture of 1 x 70 HPS Son Lamp 50 No

2. Tetrahedron Fixture of 3 x 70 HPS son Lamps 50 No

3. Stainless Steel poles of one-meter height 50 No

4. Stainless Steel pole of three meter height 50 No






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